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Dear Jenny,

I agree with you in that ...

>we need a different
>way of recompense for being artists. in so many ways capitalism
doesn't work
>on the Web, and I'm personally not sure it should ...

As for the Educational institutions contributions, the information or
assumption is incorrect. 

Under the Statutory Legislation __ educational institutions pay once a
year a bulk fee callected either by Copyright Australia Ltd ( CAL ) -
for secondary rights that is the photocopy of a copy of an artist work
that is used in the curriculum or by Screenrights for secondary rights
for off-air taping - ie if an educational institution uses video tapes
of shows taped from TV for edu purposes.
The same goes for websites use as educational tools.

The $$$ collected is distributed by the respective agency.

Another point is that the fees for commercial use and those for non-
profit, educational , promotional etc. use are different and are
agreed upon as part of the licence.

WHAT do we charge, when , whom,...what purpose/ use?


Thank you for the reference. As I stated earlier, my experience has
been as a copyright officer and an advocate of artists rights,
including protection of IP. But also as an artist,curator and producer
of new media content who has struggled with the established system(s)
and seem the disadvantages of it as well as how poorly informed
artist, across most art forms, are
of their rights.

i think it's important to have access to informed / critical views on
these and other issues essential to the development of the industry
we've commited ourselves to.

NOVA best,


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