Re: [-empyre-] copyright - tariffs

> Under the Statutory Legislation __ educational institutions pay once a
> year a bulk fee callected either by Copyright Australia Ltd ( CAL ) -
> for secondary rights that is the photocopy of a copy of an artist work
> that is used in the curriculum or by Screenrights for secondary rights
> for off-air taping - ie if an educational institution uses video tapes
> of shows taped from TV for edu purposes.
> The same goes for websites use as educational tools.
> The $$$ collected is distributed by the respective agency.

antoenetta - are there any test cases of this happening..? when i do a net
search for myself i often see my sites as a  content for new media arts
courses in both design and theory  eg.."WEEK 6:  Read this interview with
melinda rackham (availabe at this url ) and look at her accompanying web
sites (availabe at url ). what is the role of blah blah blah blah in
rackhams work  - to be discussed in class."

like brendan was saying , i keep stats, cause i like the watch how people
look thru my work, and i always have massive repetitive hits from
educational instutions.. when i suggested on another mailing list recently
that i as an unpaid artist was providing content for classes, which
instutions were paying lecturers and charging entry fees, to manufacture
designers for the advertising industry, without being compenstaed in any way
, an academic told me that i shoudl be happy with the prestige. when i
suggested they too go to work for no pay because they shoudl be happy with
the prestige of working in a university  (and after all information wants to
be free) they absolutely could not see the parallel.

and it does feel like a really circular arguement as arturo(chris) was
saying .... i actually know i made a few enemies last time i posted stuff
about this, and i also think i have aleinated curators and instutions and a
particular publisher (whom most people think are great) by not agreeing
with, and stating my objections thier artist payment and reproduction
policies, but  i only could do that cause i already felt established enough
within in that system to not care if they never showed me or wrote about me

of course there is the other option of the "pay to view"  -for example
entropy8's skinonskinonskin   which i was very happy to give out my credit
card number for a few years ago.. $5 well spent  and still one of my
favourite web sites..


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