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> antoenetta - are there any test cases of this happening..? when i do a net
> search for myself i often see my sites as a  content for new media arts
> courses in both design and theory  eg.."WEEK 6:  Read this interview with
> melinda rackham (availabe at this url ) and look at her accompanying web
> sites (availabe at url ). what is the role of blah blah blah blah in
> rackhams work  - to be discussed in class."
> like brendan was saying , i keep stats, cause i like the watch how people
> look thru my work, and i always have massive repetitive hits from
> educational instutions.. when i suggested on another mailing list recently
> that i as an unpaid artist was providing content for classes, which
> instutions were paying lecturers and charging entry fees, to manufacture
> designers for the advertising industry, without being compenstaed in any way
> , an academic told me that i shoudl be happy with the prestige. when i
> suggested they too go to work for no pay because they shoudl be happy with
> the prestige of working in a university  (and after all information wants to
> be free) they absolutely could not see the parallel.

Yes - I know this strange(janus headed) feeling - that your stuff is used
for "teaching" at universities or in articles/papers or in conferences ---
while you "get nothing" but "the honour" (well I got one time an invitation
- too) and you are "not asked" for permission/or simply informed or "asked
for our opinion.
Artist seem to live in/on the clouds ........ eating love and creativity
(never become "fat" - haha - which would be bad for art).

Hmmmmm - 
For one page the author gets appr. 15â/15US$ here,
a web designer gets some hundred $ (for the concept/the idea even more than
for "reproductive" work).

Sometimes I think that the society(ies) do not take care of their artists
(maybe we are really un_important - but well_seen guests - in the play)
are getting pennies like the clowns ;)

> and it does feel like a really circular arguement as arturo(chris) was
> saying .... i actually know i made a few enemies last time i posted stuff
> about this, and i also think i have aleinated curators and instutions and a
> particular publisher (whom most people think are great) by not agreeing
> with, and stating my objections thier artist payment and reproduction
> policies, but  i only could do that cause i already felt established enough
> within in that system to not care if they never showed me or wrote about me
> again.
> of course there is the other option of the "pay to view"  -for example
> entropy8's skinonskinonskin   which i was very happy to give out my credit
> card number for a few years ago.. $5 well spent  and still one of my
> favourite web sites..
> m

In my sight art should be free ........
there have to be/been developped systems which "take care" of the artists.
(when someone wants culture;)


the si[gh]t_e of the artist(s)

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