Re: [-empyre-] copyright - tariffs

reiner said:
> In my sight art should be free ........
> and
> there have to be/been developped systems which "take care" of the artists.
> (when someone wants culture;)

yes its sad it doesnt work like that isnt it.. and despite my role as devils
advocate here
i am always very optimistic about the net and free xchange of information
and  sharing ideas.

 and that exchange happens a lot still, but these days the net it is mostly
a commercial market place and we artists tend to inhabit , or hang on to the
gaps between e-commercial sites, rather than being  just for example of how
stuff has changed . maybe 7 years ago online my isp used to be a cooperative
started by a few peopel . it was relaly cheap with access to lots of server
stuff , where the users made the decisions in an online  forum about any
policy changes, and we had regular picnics, and a huge annual everything
free party in a gaming and vr warehouse -all the shooters you could ever
want . its now some sunsiduary of a nameless faceless asian giant
corporation - i have to ring another city to get any info on anything.
things changed. and i guess im wanting to see how artists changed with the

-maybe we are the ones clinging onto a romantic ideal that society should
provide for us as we provide culture.. which is never really going to be an
option in australia as our main stream cultural  heros are sports people,
not artists or philospheres. i think there is a different reality in western
and northern european countries where the arts are really well supported and
funded. i know canada has soem of the same problems as australia, and i
think i see the US attitude being if you work hard youll get the "american
dream" and climb to the top of the pile, then get lots of rewards and
everything will be ok.. so looking after the "small potatoes " is a waste of


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