Re: [-empyre-] Intellectual property and the space of net art

On Thursday, April 18, 2002, at 03:00  AM, someone wrote:

The criticism of the conditions of the artist in the states is true enough
as far as it goes. Certainly the net art space is a zone of action wherein
a kind of metacriticism viz a viz the mainstream art cultural production can
be imagined and performed.

indeed I would contend that "the net art space" is perhaps the *best* extant "zone of action" for the development of such a critique [or set of critiques]

The idea in art precedes and evades its commodification.

and I would contend that the internetwork as a publishing media assists in avoiding such a pitfall for you no longer need to "own a press" to get your ideas into the eyes and ears of a broad spectrum of "others"


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