[-empyre-] a copyright incident

hi Melinda, et all...

i feel like the black hatter when i do postings
as the emails i send come from the 
p.o.v of set copyright rules, rather then what i would 
personally think of/ do in a given situation.

re- the moral rights.... of course Melinda,...
there are those who transgress the rules - from 
right and left, ... those who generously contribute 
research and ideas and are not worried if 
someone quotes them without acccreditation as 
they believe in freedom of information, etc 
and...those who regard it and infringement of 
moral right if they have not been 
credited....especially i the cases of publushed lists' 
logg books. if a person is powerful enough, 
switched on, has a chip on their sholder, they can 
charge the author for damages. ...

perhaps we live in an over conservative and over 
regulated times? why is that?

and something else ...

recently, i had to duplicate slides of an artist's work 
i'm curating for a project. the slides where labled 
with the artist's name.

upon collection, i was asked to fill in an A4 
document with 7 variables on the copyright status 
of the slides (including one that said 'i don't have 
permission to use this slides), give a proof of 
identity and sign the document!!!

I though that was a taking the issue to an extreme
but had to sign the paper otherwise, no duplicates.

protocol, paranoia,politics or protection?



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