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Welcome to the final -empyre -  session this year featuring most honourable
guests Julianne Pierce and Mary Flanagan. Both women have worked with the
game genre and  through their individual artistic, textual, production and
critical interventions, are current players in the construction of theory
and culture of our shared online networks.

This session is little more compact than usual due to seasonal holidays, and
will kick off tomorrow with Julianne Pierce an artist, new media producer
and co-founder of pioneering Australian cyberfeminist group VNS Matrix and
current Director of the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT).
Julianne  will discuss shifts in the cyberfeminist movement since its
inception in the early 1990's. Has cyberfeminism emerged as an empowering
'tool' for engagement with technology, or has it become a factionalised
theoretical movement with little practical outcome? She will also look at
new media art within this context and more generally take a look at the
current concerns and issues of new media artists.

Around the 10th or 11th of the month, Media practitioner and theorist Mary
Flanagan who has recently show in All Star Data Mappers at Artspace, Sydney
and in the Whitney Biennial, will discuss the recently published book she
edited with Austin Booth, "_reload: rethinking women + cyberculture". I will
introduce Mary and her work in more detail  mid month... and the session
will finish up in the week of the 20th.

Now welcome Julianne >>>

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ANAT     http://www.anat.org.au
VNS Matrix     http://www.aec.at/www-ars/matrix.html

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