Re: [-empyre-] - games/gender/girls

> we are the modern cunt
> we see art with out cunt we make art with our cunt

It may be a male world out here, away from Adelaide
AU, but honestly I never heard of 'cock' art. I guess
is take more that the vulgarisation of sexual
attribute to inspire art. To me feminism is a way of
fighting against the male conception of women as
sexual objects, so it takes intelligence, sensibility
and the fundamental appreciation that women and men
are different and particularly that difference makes
them so special.

For this reason I find it not incredibly clever to
open the Manifesto with a sort of homage to male
prejudice, even when considered in it's sarcastic
light. It's a bit the 'art' of scandal, which we've
seen in the past, and it got a little boring. Do the
four girl from Adelaide want to extend their boredom
to the entire world?

It's the easy way, to disturb. I can run naked to Tate
and poo in the hall. Sure I'll make it to the first
pages, and maybe even to a few conferences around the
world. But in the solitude of my distant cell, I shall
ask myself :"is this art, or pure shit".

> These first manifestations of cyberfeminism
> were imbued with a sense of idealism, with an
> attitude that 'cyberspace' was a new kind of
> frontier. I am interested in the next month
> to look at some questions concerning the
> trajectory of cyberfeminism, and indeed
> the sense of  play within technoculture.

And more. Sorry, this is re-chewing other people
ideas, without necessarily:
- understand them;
- add anything to them.

Sorry to be a little harsh, but I'm disturbed by the
pretentiosness of your Manifest and the lack of
originality in what follows it. And after years of
Artists (self declared or elected by a need-to-sell
magazine and conferences media star-system) winning
prizes for turning the light on, I'm a little sick of
it all. God bless Cornelia Parker, at least she's got

Good luck.


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