[-empyre-] the use in girls coming

though i've been subscribed since May, i haven't always paid the strictest attention to the empyre posts because they've usually been so compelling & thought-provoking that they would distract me from the rest of my tasks for the day.

so my knowledge of this list's behaviour is not completely reliable, but i cannot recall ever seeing such immediate hostility towards a guest here.

you know what i find boring? having to dissuade myself repeatedly from coming to the conclusion that these kinds of attacks and/or dismissive gestures are manifestations of a masculinist fear. it feels too easy, and i like to think better of my fellow men.

juliane, i look very much forward to hearing what you have to say. cyberfeminism is just as complex and fractious a subject as feminism, there are many feminisms, and many cyberfeminisms, and i still am hopeful that we can explore these issues in the intelligent, thoughtful, expansive, critical manner that has characterized the discussions here in the past.

katherine parrish

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