Re: [-empyre-] the use in girls coming

Hi Katherine,

I'm a guest here as well, simply expressing an
opinion. A rather strong one, if you like, but then
it's not the the Cyberfeminist Manifest goes down that
light either.

It's not hostility per se, the reason of my message. I
thought I could express an opinion and I found deeply
irritating what I the misuse of feminism of the
cyberfeminist post.

Now, while I understand the reason, motivation and
complexity of the feminist movement elsewhere, as a
rection to a (still) male dominated world, I do
believe that such a movement is rather pointless in
the digital environemt, where you have exactly the
same rights, whether man or women. I cannot accept or
believe that someone is fighting against a male
dominated cyberspace (whatever that means) within the
most egalitarian and democratic medium ever. Where as
a woman you can do exactly the same things as men and
not only. As a women you can pretend to be a man. And

So sorry for interrupting your daily activities, and
forcing you to come back on this :-), but I felt the
same as you regarding the first post. Together with
the strong temptation to start a cyber-male chauvinist
movement as well, just to be even ;-) Of course I'm
joking, just in case this is misinterpreted as well.

I'm still convinced we need better ideas.

Best regards,


 --- parrishka <> wrote: > 
> though i've been subscribed since May, i haven't
> always paid the 
> strictest attention to the empyre posts because
> they've usually been so 
> compelling & thought-provoking that they would
> distract me from the 
> rest of my tasks for the day.
> so my knowledge of this list's behaviour is not
> completely reliable, 
> but i cannot recall ever seeing such immediate
> hostility towards a 
> guest here.
> you know what i find boring? having to dissuade
> myself repeatedly from 
> coming to the conclusion that these kinds of attacks
> and/or dismissive 
> gestures are manifestations of a masculinist fear.
> it feels too easy, 
> and i like to think better of my fellow men.
> juliane, i look very much forward to hearing what
> you have to say. 
> cyberfeminism is just as complex and fractious a
> subject as feminism, 
> there are many feminisms, and many cyberfeminisms,
> and i still am 
> hopeful that we can explore these issues in the
> intelligent, 
> thoughtful, expansive, critical manner that has
> characterized the 
> discussions here in the past.
> katherine parrish
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> empyre forum

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