Re: [-empyre-] the use in girls coming

> so my knowledge of this list's behaviour is not completely reliable,
> but i cannot recall ever seeing such immediate hostility towards a
> guest here.

There have been a few instances, such as my own stint here.  I got hammered
pretty badly from a relatively ill-informed source.  This opens up the point
I'm going to get into.

> you know what i find boring? having to dissuade myself repeatedly from
> coming to the conclusion that these kinds of attacks and/or dismissive
> gestures are manifestations of a masculinist fear. it feels too easy,
> and i like to think better of my fellow men.

I would urge you to keep dissuading yourself.  I am, and have always been a
strong supporter of the feminisms _except_ the strain that posits itself as
merely an inverted politic in order that it may assume hegemony and
replicate the same poor behavior that the prior hegemony was guilty of.
That gets us nowhere, but I digress.

No, please continue to suspend your belief in the worst-case of human
nature.  There are cases in which there are individuals who resist any
number of topics from reactions to the non-constructive to those who still
may feel their power structures may be in jeopardy.  But as I have always
said, when one power matrix collapses, the opportunity to position oneself
in a new one arises, and often in a mutually beneficial position.

So, while there are a few of the male gender out there who have issues with
flavors of feminism, I personally believe that these are pocket paradigms,
and not representative of the larger milieu.

Back into my gopher hole now...

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