Re: [-empyre-] the use in girls coming

 --- Patrick Lichty <> wrote: 

> I am,
> and have always been a
> strong supporter of the feminisms _except_ the
> strain that posits itself as
> merely an inverted politic in order that it may
> assume hegemony and
> replicate the same poor behavior that the prior
> hegemony was guilty of.

Exactly. But, in cyberspace, whose hegemony is it? A
male one? How can that be?
I live next to the City of London, and there I see the
necessity of a financial-disctict-feminism, though I
seriously doubt it would hardly succeed by branding
golden 'cunts' (man, I cannot say how much I hate that

> So, while there are a few of the male gender out
> there who have issues with
> flavors of feminism, I personally believe that these
> are pocket paradigms,
> and not representative of the larger milieu.

So, my post was offensive and I'm in the minority of
offenders, while the initiator is entitled to post
provocative meaningless Manifestos we should all
worship? Just because it mentions (completely out of
context) the untouchable FEMINISM?

Oh, come on. Glad I'm a minority.



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