Re: [-empyre-] the use in girls coming

Cristiano Bianchi wrote:

What I'm interested in discussing, if you like, is the
lack of necessity for a cyber feminism movement in a
gender neutral environment like the web.

(i refere to this sentence only, not to pink pong of hate & cunt :)

i guess when speaking of the web, internet, ... it's easily forgoten that first you have to
connect to it to reach this 'neutral' (?!) heaven of sex-independant identity land of nothing
but pure democracy. And even when you are connected it is important how quick your
connection is. And level of information about internet technology available to you as well as level of
technology itself (old/new). And level of monitoring of your internet activities
(at home/school/internet cafe, ... - private/public space access to inetrnet, ...).

and i guees here is a big need for meninist and many other movements...

click, jaka

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