Re: [-empyre-] the use in girls coming

> Exactly. But, in cyberspace, whose hegemony is it? A
> male one? How can that be?

Commerce, military, governmental.  The forces that control the Net, all of
which are all largely male

> So, my post was offensive and I'm in the minority of
> offenders,

To make that statement is to therefore assume that you are trying to
conversely assume the place of the 'oppressed', which isn't the case.  I
would not call your comment offensive, but perhaps at issue with some
perspectives.  Also to call yourself an offender assumes that you actually
did commit an offense, which I also disagree with.  You didn't.

while the initiator is entitled to post
> provocative meaningless Manifestos we should all
> worship? Just because it mentions (completely out of
> context) the untouchable FEMINISM?

Feminism is hardly untouchable or immutable.  It has its many threads and
internal conflicts, such as the conflicts between the radical/lesbian
feminist clade and the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" feminists.  Both are in
favor of strong female role models, but many of these clades often sate that
the other aren't 'really feminists' due to their positions.  Saying that
there is only one kind of feminism, and one that is beyond criticism is to
place one's self in a very questionable position, on either side.  The
question of feminism is far more complex than saying that there is a gender
border that is non-porous and non-egotiable, which is to say that humanity
does not find any malleability in terms of gender.  That's defninitely not
the case.

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