[-empyre-] introducing Mary Flannagan

Thank you Julianne for illuminating  the climate of Cyberfemminsit
intervention into networked spaces from the early 1990's, revisting the
groundbrakeing VNS Matrix work. This discussion will continue with Julianne
and with our second guest for December  - media practitioner and theorist
Mary Flanagan.

Mary investigates the intersection of art, technology, and gender study
through critical writing, artwork, and activism. She is also the creator of
"The Adventures of Josie True," the first web-based adventure game for
girls. Mary works across many digital media  including VRML, software, video
and performance, and  has recently show in the Whitney Biennial and All Star
Data Mappers at Artspace, Sydney.

Mary will discuss "_reload: rethinking women + cyberculture"t he book she
has recently edited with Austin Booth,  which  offers an alternative picture
of cyberspace as a complex and contradictory place where there is oppression
as well as liberation. It shows how cyberpunk's revolutionary claims conceal
its ultimate conservatism on matters of class, gender, and race. The
cyberfeminists writing here view  cyberculture as a social experiment with
an as-yet-unfulfilled potential to create new identities, relationships, and

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Mary Flanagan         http://www.maryflanagan.com/
reload: rethinking women + cyberculture
All Star Data Mappers http://www.dlux.org.au/dataterra/exhibition.html

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