Re: [-empyre-] [empyre] producers and consumers

> But -- I'm optimistic and personally chipping away at this particular
> megalith. It would thrill me to no end to find out about and download
> music by Mrs. Ludmilla Borghese of Pavia, for example, instead of
> Madonna! But right now, for example, the top ten on filesharing systems
> focused on music tend to be the top ten on the charts, etc.

the reproduction of the same cultural realations online is one of the things
im mulling over at the moment..
at the recent fibreculture confercene at  MCA in sydney,  peer to peer/
filesharing /opensource /hacker/ gnu / culture (sorry that was huge and in
appropriate lump together but anyway..) was  being discussed in terms that
it is an indicator of a social movement away from globalization and  towards
a more sharing and caring  networked level playing field of both personal
and cultural relations......but ii tend to think that
 upload/download  phenomena is really more about a  "give it to me for free
" attitude, employed by every generation, rather than a cause for
celebration about the downfall of capitailism...

> Recently I've also been interested in the politics of data.
> TAke scientific visualization as one of many areas which could be
>  Are there underlying assumptions
> about vision and knowledge long critiqued by feminist epistemologists
being re-
> institutionalized in this arena?

in the same way im thinking that this is not really adressed much ar all in
data visualisation..
Emily Martin wrote a book called Flexible Bodies, about how AIDS and immune
system operations were visualised by scientists , which when it came down to
it employing the same age old sterotypes:
antibodys where brave male warriors rushing out to battle the virus, immune
system macrophages alwyas drawn with aprons where women who came in afer the
battle to clean up the sites of infection .. you get the idea..etc.

and also in the same way im wondering what cultural specificities
cyberfemminism is producing and reproducing both on and offline now ?....
from some of the previous comments that a large section of at least this
list  population , both men and women, see cyberfemminism as irrelavent and
un necessary these days...  is it... or maybe like a virus  it has mutated
to be something else and is lurking in the nervous system of the net to
reemerge when conditions are more fertile?

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