Re: [-empyre-] [empyre] producers and consumers

> from some of the previous comments that a large
> section of at least this
> list  population , both men and women, see
> cyberfemminism as irrelavent and
> un necessary these days...  is it... or maybe like a
> virus  it has mutated
> to be something else and is lurking in the nervous
> system of the net to
> reemerge when conditions are more fertile?

That's an interesting one. So let's all hope women get
finally oppressed online, in order for cyberfemminism
to have a scope and foster!
A little skeptical on this one...


PS I was telling some female friends a few days ago
how I was trying argument against some online women
calling themself 'the c.... of 21st century'. They
found it hard to conceive :-)

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