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> christiona ,

I mean, mispelling to a point is allright, but this...
Should I call you Merlondo?

> yes you are a cynic..., i was refering to the
> generational cycle that modern
> femminism, and for that matter the popularity and
> percieved relalance of
> most poitical or social movments seems to go in,
> ..late 1870s, 1890, 1930s,
> late 1940's, 1970s, ealry 1990s.. i guess in
> mainstream clulture we are
> haing an 80's revival at the moment, so i give it
> about 5 more years till
> its theoretically and socially popular again..

Beyond cynic, it rather seems that you are calling for
a new wave of feminism, in cyberculture, without
giving too much evidence of why it would be needed or
what it should address (in this medium).

I read all messages so far on the list, but no one
seems to have explained why cyberfemminism ought to be
seriously considered. Could it be that the lack of
current activity is based on a missing goal? Call me
cynic (if that makes you happy :-), I'm only saying
that compared to the movement and the important
battles that you mention, in the past, this one seems
to lack substance.

You give it 5 years to come back. Like fashonable

I look at the newstand, every day, full of 'empty'
magazines with semi-naked women on the cover. Magazine
for both men and women.

I look at the icons of the pop culture: does it really
matter if Kylie Minogue or Sugar Babes or Jenny Lopez
can ALSO sing? A friend of mine pointedly said:
"Kylie? Didn't bother with the CD, I bought the
calendar instead".

Here is a battle to fight for for me, to be recognised
for the many talents that women have and not only for
their bodies. But this is a battle you have to fight
against your own gendre, which in the last few years
seem to have wasted years of great fights.

Of course I know that the media industry is male
dominated, but unfortunately it relies on consentuous
women to succeed. In this case the Internet can allow
an extra medium for battling again, but to instate
back dignity where needed. This medium is free and
provide equal opportunities.

Someone pointed out that the net is not gender neutral
because there are people in oppressed countries who
cannot use it. That has nothing to do with the medium
itself. Probably newspaper are not allowed either and
women cannot even show their face in public.

So whilst the battle for equal opportunities is great,
its cyber branch seems to me wasted energy.

> wot.. your girlfriends lacked fertile imaginations? 
> perhaps they suffer
> from hatred of their own bodies if they interpret
> cunt as a nasty thing and
> a derogratory term?

Cunt comes from 'priestess', symbol of power that of
course the male society transformed in a sybol of hate
for exactly that reason, restricting its meaning to
the body part. This is history.

1. The female genital organs. 
2. Sexual intercourse with a woman. 
3a. Offensive Used as a disparaging term for a woman.
b. Used as a disparaging term for a person one
dislikes or finds extremely disagreeable.

This is what most people understand. I have the strong
impression that despite your good intentions, you're
ending up doing males a favour, thinking of your
selves exactly how they (we?) want you to. I never
heard anyone calling a mate 'prick', unless for
dispregiative reasons.

But, hey, as you like it.

Have a Merry Christmas.


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