Re: [-empyre-] [empyre] producers and consumers

Christiano, I'm simply trying to point out that I think you are being oppressive towards women, perhaps in a way you are unable to see. When you say you are trying to defend them, I'm saying you are perpetuating the sexist mentality of "men telling women what they should be and how they should behave" and not allowing women the freedom to be the way they want.

Cyberfeminism as I see it is an extension of feminism in the world at large, though you repeatedly say it has "no substance". Everyone is entitled to their opinions, I'm not telling you to shut up and feel oppressed, I'm saying if a woman wants to call herself a c*nt its not for you to tell her she is wrong, and I suggest perhaps your morality is somewhat old fashioned and could be updated if you felt so inclined.

>Demian, really, read my messages.
now am I supposed to get upset about you misspelling my name?

I appreciate your point of view, I know where you are coming from, and believe you generally mean well... I just think you are looking at and judging cyberfeminism from an outsiders perspective and don't really get it yet.

warmest regards,

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