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At 8:28 +0000 18/12/02, Cristiano Bianchi wrote:
I never
heard anyone calling a mate 'prick', unless for
dispregiative reasons.

then visit australia. :-) prick is reguarly used as a term of endearment for a mate "you silly prick" said with a grin, "you dumb prick" said with a grin, and so on. anglo australian men commonly and have historically appropriated terms of abuse as code words in complex forms of personal and intimate acknowledgement.

i haven't read the cyberfeminism debate, but there are oodles of stuff relevant to feminism and online environments. there is early work about the tendency to flame in email lists and women's and men's experience of this (the issue isn't flaming but the agonistic nature of academic email as gendered conduct). there is work from michael joyce, barbara page, and wendy morgan about the possible relations of french feminist theory to hypertext writing. there is also work that demonstrates the manner in which interfaces embed or embody ideologies and this i would expect to include (am unfamiliar with this work) gender and patriarchy. particularly given, say, some old criticisms from Irigarary et al about boys, philosophy and looking, i would have thought the gui would at least be amenable to quite an interesting and powerful feminist critique (in much the same way that someone like Simon Penny can be quite scathing of the gui as an inadequate model of interaction for computing).

i'm not sure if this intersects with cyberfeminism but it is clear that we come here with our bodies pretty much intact, and that there are probably connections between things like hypertext and feminist philosophy (including moo space, i think Jane Love has done research on this), and the interface and ideology that would make gender and feminism useful.

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