[-empyre-] very awake

"is cyberfemminsim in a coma?" not quite

I apologize to not have been more active on this list, but I was co-organizing the zelig conf in paris (http://www.zelig.org). A first, in my parisian experience, of a conferance that really come from the multitudes. I was particularly active in having women (not necessaily biological, but necessarily identified as such, on the obn mode) talk, giving workshops and interventions. This was for all of us (boys girls an variations of) fresh air and a releif.

May be for back ground readings i'll encourage you to read Cornelia Sollfrank intervention, which was a huge success. There she gives a perpective on what's have been going on about cyberfem since 97.

As for me cyberfem, I need you :-)

ps & please don't answer to those remarks,
funny how whenever feminism is outed in public space, there is always a guy
to tells the girls that they aren't doing it right, hence jeopardize the discussion, and be stuburn about it. That's a classic, i'm running a feminist forum in fench (http://chiennesdegarde.org) it's about 300 posts a day and we get this type advisory post several times a week. Hence it needs to be moderated, and the knee jeck post put to rest.

as of :
"cyberfeminism seems to be about creating safe spaces excluding masculinity"
funny to see that when women speak out some guys think it's exclusion. A classic too.

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