[-empyre-] thanx Julianne and Mary

Thank you Julianne and Mary for sharing your perspectives on differing
arenas of cyberfemminist practice. As Julianne pointed out early on cyber
femminism is not a singular entity, or to quoteYvonne  Volkart :
"Cyberfeminism is a myth and in a myth the truth, or that, which
it engages resides in the difference between the individual narratives."

The was some vigirous debate generated around the topics, resulting in a lot
of people having their mail disrupted by government and isp filtering
systems which rejected a lot of this months posts because they took
objection to the C word. It really is all about context isn't it.

Unfortunatley it was a short month due to the holidays, and i think the
discussions could have continued for longer... perhaps we just skimmed the
surface of the what political practices women have had,  are continuing, and
whatbis emerging  in literature and on the net today . Looking forward to
Marys next collection of womens cyberpunk.


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