Re: [-empyre-] welcome

hi everyone,
i'd like to second jesse's request for plain text emails, being a eudora
user as well.

to introduce myself - i'm helen varley jamieson, a playwright & web queen
based in wellington, nz. i'm interested in how the internet is being used
as a creative medium, from a theatre/performance perspective. my current
project, the abc experiment (avatar body collision) is an exploration of
the meeting points between theatre & cyberformance (live performance in
graphical chatrooms). i'm doing a presentation at the wellington fringe
festival in february, & more info about the project is available at

h : )

>Hello All
>Firstly, a brief introduction, at Melinda's request. I'm Jesse
>Reynolds, I am a founding director and part owner of Virtual Artists
>Pty Ltd ( We are based in Adelaide, Australia
>and provide web, email, and streaming media hosting services, as well
>as website backend development utilising such things as VCe, 4D,
>Cocoon, XML, XSL, Java ...
>Secondly, Melinda do you think could have a rule that all emails to
>the list must be in plain text, and not styled with HTML? Your
>welcome email (below) looks like the default Microsoft Outlook
>Express format, which composes in Arial and unfortunately appears in
>very very tiny text in Eudora, making it damn hard to read. Please?

helen varley jamieson: creative catalyst

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