[-empyre-] Patrick Lichty Intro

Hi, everyone.

It seems that we're getting acquainted, so I thought I'd throw in my two
cents worth.

I'm Patrick Lichty, artist, writer, and curator, based in sunny Baton Rouge,
Louisiana, USA.  I have been an electronic artist for over 20 years, and
have been exhibiting for about the last 12 of those two decades, solo and in
collaboration.  My media vary from neon to media hactivism to 'sculptural
texts' to robotics to responsive soundspaces that have been seen from the
Walker to the Venice and Whitney Bienniales.

My activities include writing for many lists, including Rhizome, Nettime,
Mindspace, etc, and you'll usually find me at ISEA, where I am part of the
International Programming Committee for this year's event.

Most recent curatorial project is the (re)distributions PDA and Nomadic art
exhibition at voyd.com, which I believe is the first major exploration of
this genre.

Since some of the other lists have been suffering a very high signal to
noise ratio as of late, I am looking forward to some great conversation here
at Empyre!

Patrick Lichty

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