[-empyre-] hellos

hey everyone it's great to meet you all, this list seems ultra-cool and everybody seems very smart.

my name is Tim Jaeger and i might be a net.artist (sounds like a line from an AA meeting), working in various online and offline modes of production/consumption/proto-prosumption/google-ing "winona ryder steals merchandise"

i just graduated Syracuse University's BFA Video-Art/Digital Media Program, and am currently working as network administrator at THE PROJECT gallery *NYC* and will start a micro-residency at THE THING *NYC* in march-ish working on micro-transmitted radios, Flash Movies, and cookie baking triathlons.

previous activiites: building hijack @ syracuse (http://www.foundrysite.com/nocompression), 6 months @ KUNSTRADIO (kunstradio.at) vienna, austria, videos + audio screened @ RHIZOME NYC, offspace vienna, PRIX ITALIA and i've made surprisingly good dinners for all of my previous girlfriends.

i'll put up a pic soon to bridge this networked gap between us all.

nice meeting you, talk to you soon.

tim jaeger

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