[-empyre-] hellos

Hey everyone,

my name is Ollivier Dyens and I think we'll be talking soon (I'm Melinda's
first guest).

A word about me (just a word, most of the stuff concerning me is on the
website): I'm writing to you from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.
My main area of research is the impact of technology on representation.

I have to tell you how excited I am with this project. I truly believe that
we are living a fundamental turning point in Western history (both terribly
good and bad).  But in all today's creative and destructive chaos, the
exchange of ideas, the meeting of minds is truly wonderful. And Melinda's
project adds to this. The web is undeniably, both philosophically and
artistically, today's most exciting (what? nation? realm? place?).


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> hey everyone it's great to meet you all, this list seems ultra-cool and
> everybody seems very smart.
> my name is Tim Jaeger and i might be a net.artist (sounds like a line from
> an AA meeting), working in various online and offline modes of
> production/consumption/proto-prosumption/google-ing "winona ryder steals
> merchandise"
> i just graduated Syracuse University's BFA Video-Art/Digital Media
> and am currently working as network administrator at THE PROJECT gallery
> *NYC* and will start a micro-residency at THE THING *NYC* in march-ish
> working on micro-transmitted radios, Flash Movies, and cookie baking
> triathlons.
> previous activiites: building hijack @ syracuse
> (http://www.foundrysite.com/nocompression), 6 months @ KUNSTRADIO
> (kunstradio.at) vienna, austria, videos + audio screened @ RHIZOME NYC,
> offspace vienna, PRIX ITALIA and i've made surprisingly good dinners for
> of my previous girlfriends.
> i'll put up a pic soon to bridge this networked gap between us all.
> nice meeting you, talk to you soon.
> tim jaeger
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