[-empyre-] Angela Main greetings

Kia ora all

I'm Angela Main, based in New Zealand.

My interest lies in immersive environments, sensoriums, the
notion/negotiation of the real, the role of the imaginary in social spaces,
collectivism and fluidity.

I have worked mainly as a producer and director for about 10 years with
artists, choreographers, electronic and video artists mainly on creating
events. Prior to that I was involved in theatre especially lighting. I am a
technophile and illusionary and occasionally refer to myself as a

I am currently involved in a project which attempts to create a travelling
virtual/real interactive social environment.

Seems like a great bunch of interesting and well versed arty thinkers.

Very exciting journey prospects here.


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> Hi, everyone.
> It seems that we're getting acquainted, so I thought I'd throw in my two
> cents worth.
> I'm Patrick Lichty, artist, writer, and curator, based in sunny Baton
> Louisiana, USA.  I have been an electronic artist for over 20 years, and
> have been exhibiting for about the last 12 of those two decades, solo and
> collaboration.  My media vary from neon to media hactivism to 'sculptural
> texts' to robotics to responsive soundspaces that have been seen from the
> Walker to the Venice and Whitney Bienniales.
> My activities include writing for many lists, including Rhizome, Nettime,
> Mindspace, etc, and you'll usually find me at ISEA, where I am part of the
> International Programming Committee for this year's event.
> Most recent curatorial project is the (re)distributions PDA and Nomadic
> exhibition at voyd.com, which I believe is the first major exploration of
> this genre.
> Since some of the other lists have been suffering a very high signal to
> noise ratio as of late, I am looking forward to some great conversation
> at Empyre!
> Best,
> Patrick Lichty
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