[-empyre-] pixels; shimmering

This would be our introduction.

We run a server we wanted to call "explosions." We settled soon for anatomy of hope. The internal
gears of it. The way it starts. We find many people think our work is depressing but we find that is
essential. Depressed people find us to be sad. We're not sad, we're angry, angry and bored, like
restless teenagers. This is why we create; so that we are no longer restless, or bored, and maybe
a little less angry.

We do not do shows. We are new and have not been invited; we probably will not ask to be in shows,
we may do shows if they are offerred and look like they solve the boredom/restlessness dillema. We
are gobsmacked when we observe people listing shows or resumes instead of ideas or dreams. We do
not see ourselves as artists in the sense that we are professionals, or in the sense that this is a career,
we see this as the only natural outpouring of our collected observations. We build to reach the sky,
not because we are contracted.

We do not understand art, and we have no interest in art theory. We know it, we've studied it, but
it suddenly seems as if all of a sudden all of it was forgotten, on september 11th, though we hate to
call that a "day of change" because we are not happy with the changes we have seen since. But art theory
stopped making sense. We could not muster up the strength to put together another piece of something
that was a reaction to a piece of something that was inspired by true, waking communication with life;
we wanted, instead, to tap into life itself and see what happened. This took us beyond theory, in our
own minds, and into the field of something we thing is not art, not substantially more nor less than art;
but simply, not something we had learned to recognize as art.

We will try to listen and to observe but we may question you, and if you don't like our questions we think
perhaps that is a good thing. We hope no one here is afraid of questions.

o 7H


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