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my name is dunja kukovec, frm slovenia. finishing academic art history
studies at the uni of ljubljana. si. working part-time in the museum of
modern art /www.mg-lj.si/ which i try to change frm the sacred place to
the social space.
what i do is observe the world around me and analyzing it through my
experienced eyes. the experience is what i belive in. the impact of
technolgy on it is enormous. i believe in the free internet, open source
and smart programme code.
i like to write texts and i like nonsense in so called style of
contemporary art. maybe unfortunately i am still all in labels and in
sturctures. i like this list cause its the thing i understand.
beside writing i did few exhibitions, prepared one of the first
slovenian festivals of digital image and vj-culture, with int. guests
onedotzero. you can check www.scan-line.org. my article which i wrote
about net.art appr. half a year ago was recently published on
www.noemalab.com /essay about history and futurism of the net.art
story/. since than i already change my concept specially about futurism
of the net.art. before i was closer to concepts of direct actions and
now..i dont belive net.art should do smth like direct action i.e.
cracking/-hacking. dont like when things are literal. nothing is what it
few of my momental concepts:
change the concepts.
art is everyhere. certainly not only in the art world.
everyone is an artist.
expertism instead of genious.
techonolgy and nature to everyone.


dont mess with eclecticism
accept the contradiction as a basis
exuse my

very happy to see you regulary
& all the best



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