Re: [-empyre-] Hellos & tone.ality

At 02:16 PM 1/9/2002 -0800, Pat L wrote:

So far, I'm heartened by the mix of personalities and the experiences they
bring to the table.

...& on this note i'd like 2 add my in.tro.][N.][duction 2 the list.

i'm mez ][aka mary-anne breeze aka numerous avatarian-type-faces][. i'm a _netwurker_ who likes 2 x.plore & n.corporate autopoethical/fictionalised n][ew][uances in2 traditionally d.fined correspondence pathways [via "mezangelled" language iterations] [among uber thangs].

now that's out. of. the. way........[i loathe intros, as they promote that s][heen][urface ill.usion of personality definition by reality-ego-di][convo][luted proxy....]..on2 the reason i crawled out of my wurdniche.......

my personal
preference is to take a more informal engagement in collegial discussion when
it is not necessary, more in the vein of the coffee house in the East Village
versus a dais at the conference of your choice. I believe that each of us in
our presence has some interest or credential that has drawn us here or elicited
our invitation. The evolving world of new media, especially that of net art, is
unique in its relative openness and in that much of contemporary practice is
not entirely centered within the traditional centers of power (i.e.
traditionalist institutions such as the museum and academy).

...patrick, i c this _evolving world of creative net.production & the re-weaving of corresponding power-dynamics_ as n.nately reflected in the very x.tended avenues of potential communication n.hancement/alteration that the net][wurk][ offers, s.pecially in terms of the establishment of another email list based on a traditional][hical][tique/ academic debate-&-banter-d.fined method of discourse.....i hope that this n.nitial empyre gestation/dynamic definition period won't slowly crystallize in2 a regular theory-email-list-comm route without attempts 2 x.amine the dynamics & potentials of a space such as this.......of course, it has been made abundantly clear that this is melinda's list in terms of moderation & i'm sure u'll il.luminate us regarding this, mel;) hopes 4 the list is that a wurkable ][oscillating][middle-point can b found where the list won't descend in2 garbled spam-driven non-cogitative typology but also that it can resist predictable reiterative slippage in2 rigid academia-disc][ursive][ourse mapping.....

..and on that note, its back 2 ][the net][wurk.......

chunks, ][mez/ S.lee][k.ages][purr][

. . .... .....
.][E][mot][E][ion capt][l][
.... . .??? .......

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