[-empyre-] hello

joining in the intros...

Hi my name is Lisa Cianci, from Melbourne, Australia.

I am a visual artist (started out in painting and drawing and am now 
working in both analogue and digital media).

As well as my own (usually self-funded) work in dynamic and generative
interactive media,
I also work as an archivist and information management consultant for a
company of the University of Melbourne. 
I do freelance web design, and am going to start doing a bit of teaching
in interactive media this year at Victoria Uni.

Aside from my personal artistic concerns, I have a particular interest
in preservation of digital media - an important issue for my own work as
well as the records and artefacts of others.

I look forward to seeing what develops on this list!


lisa cianci
0412 084 709
melbourne, australia

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