[-empyre-] ::intro:: Brett McLennan

Hello Everybody

Lecturer in Charge of Multimedia  at La Trobe University, Bendigo.

My main area of interest is Observational Systems (usually public) - things like security cameras. I tend to take this "found"imagery and re-purpose it in my work. These works are both linear and interactive - and still very much in the developmental stages.

I also sit on the Evaluation and Advisory Committee of Cinemedia's (Recently renamed Film Victoria) Digital Media Fund where I get to look at a whole lot of great projects and hopefully give support to get them funding.

I am also passionate about providing support and infrastructure to regional areas of Australia as opposed to just the big cities.

Like everybody else I would like to thank Melinda for this project which helps provide a forum for the continued debates surrounding new and emerging media media and look forward to the list really kicking off.

I am also 100% dedicated to finding the perfect short black...
Brett McLennan, Lecturer in Charge Multimedia
La Trobe University, Bendigo Victoria, Australia

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