[-empyre-] intima | intro


see that you are all introducing yourself today, well, maybe it was 
someone's proposal to do it, sorry, i missed it somehow..., have to 
check the archives. but it's a good idea and it was an interesting 
reading. so will try to do it now, briefly:

my name is igor stromajer and i'm an intimate mobile communicator, 
living at intima | virtual base [http://www.intima.org], exhibiting 
worldwide, adoring snow, breastfeeding, pancakes with chocolate 
or cacao, fresh milk and dry red wine (fil rouge: free your mind and 
the rest will follow, future: transformation into eva herzigova). i 
believe in intimacy, individuality, emotions, loneliness, sadness, 
frustration, trauma, asceticism, orgasm, concept, pleasure, 
fantasies, nuts, researching, philosophy, high technology and 
angels. i do not believe in media, tourism and the end.

my honest congratulations to you, my dear melinda, for initiating this 
list. it's a hell of an idea and perfectly done, so let's try to make it 
dynamic and interesting. 

empyre people, nice to meet you!


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