[-empyre-] intro


sorry it's taken me so long to intro myself.

first i had to work out how to check i was on text format

then I had to work out what to say.


I still don't know what to say.


i've been having this crisis with lists lately

but I live in hope, so

perhaps that's all i'll say - that I live in hope, and that i'm sure i'll
learn heaps from you all, you sound

interesting, even

outrageously so

so I will live on in outrageous hope -
thanks for inviting me, Melinda -

significant perhaps, of my confusion: I find my email app is set to simply
maintain the file format of whatever email I am replying to. this is fine so
long as I don't have to initiate anything, but the terror of having to
initiate my own emails, and therefore choose a file format to send them in,
is really tooo much.

now there's a war against terror that someone should fight.

best wishes, geniwate

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