[-empyre-] the heart longs for an island of whimsical words

good morning all,

having my morning coffee and enjoying all the intros ...


i came into the world as http://entorpy8.com and in 1999 gave birth to an .org
thus i am  2 - 1 = 1 of http://entropy8zuper.org

in Entropy8Zuper! we do many things, mostly online, we deal often with interactive narrative, private/public storytelling/mythology, telepresence, sensuality, desktop sculpture/desktop theatre, melodrama and deep, deep, exaggeration...
its all there on the site.

-i've been an independent web designer/digital nomad for what seems like eternity. lived in nyc for half of that eternity but now seeking cultural refugee status in europe.
-currently moving more and more towards design of realtime 3d objects/environments/emotions because, well, it just makes so much sense.
- find myself drawn towards the idea of custom hardware design, sensors/actuators ... i want to feel and not just compute .
-always more interested in people than computers (though computers are more than just tools , like pets they need sooo much looovvvvee ;) )
-currently having this love/hate relationship with the network. vacillation between seeing the internet as a dead end and believing furiously that there is still so much work to be done.

there is more, so much more, but
we've only just met.

this is all very cozy so far, yes...
thx for the invite Melinda.

bst alwz,

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