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Hello -empyre-, my name is Barrie, I live in the Blue mountains in Australia.

I am just recovering from finishing a masters degree [Master of Design - Digital Media] at the University of Western Sydney and from feeling a bit challenged by all the bushfires we've been having here, so tiiiiired.

What have I been doing ... Flash has been important recently, see my site - url below. Sound has become more important in my work - web based interactive sound works.
I am kind of a part time closet Buddhist, I am 60 and a single father with 2 beautiful children, girl 10, boy 14.
I am finding that rather than saying that some of my work is concerned with the spiritual that it is best to shut up and let the works speak for themselves.
I've been working with computers, mostly Macs, for 20 years, I still have a couple of Apple IIe's around the house somewhere. I made my first ASCII art on a Mac Plus in the early 80's.
Would love to do VR but don't have access to a Silicon Graphics Onyx computer. And I do a bit of drawing occasionally.
Intentions for 2002 are to remake my website and make it more of a playground. Also would like to get my head around Java and actionscript and try to understand more about sound and music. And generative artworks, somehow I've got to fit that in ... I want the web to be alive.

I agree with Patrick Lichty on this list when he says:

> Since some of the other lists have been suffering a very high signal to
> noise ratio as of late, I am looking forward to some great conversation
> here.

Also hello Rosalind Brodsky, I saw your time travel CD last year at uni, nice work.

I admire John Maeda, Char Davies, Jon McCormack, Laurie Anderson, Björk and many, many others.

Looking forward to conversations with males, females, children, aliens and other old farts like myself.


::::::::::::::: life is beautiful :::::::::::::::
Barrie Collins, Carl and Lillian Frieden-Collins
7 Blaxland Avenue, Leura NSW 2780
Tel + Fax: 02 4784 1224
Mobile: 0409 449 138

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