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Hello Joe and Company:

I too am toiling away in the frozen wilds, but am in South Dakota (just West
of Minnesota) on the U.S. plains. 

I am an "academic" who is shifting focus from film to new media studies and
am trying to educate myself about new media arts.  I simply stumbled upon
this list while preparing to teach a seminar on and am hoping that
my time here will further my thinking and education about a subject for
which I am but a babe on the plains ...

As an academic, I too am asked to convert perfectly good beings into
capitalist robots -- and thus I look for opportunities to subvert that
project at every turn.

I look forward to stimulating and challenging discussion.''


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Subject: [-empyre-] While we're all knee-deep in intros...

Every list needs a drudge, so here I am, toiling away in the frozen
wilds of Minnesota, north central USA, at the task of applying
interactive, immersive VR to the problem of low-cost industrial
training.  So why am I *here*?  Well, to see how the other half thinks,
to begin with.  More importantly, to perhaps learn something that may
one day be useful in engineering my own redemption from this current sin
of assisting in the conversion of perfectly good beings into good little
capitalist robots.  Of course!  What else!?!


Joseph P. Miesen

Programmer - ITS2

Johnson Center for Virtual Reality
Pine Technical College
900 4th Street SE
Pine City, MN 55063-2198

fax 320:629-5101

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