[-empyre-] intro

Helo Helo all
I'm Scott, networking/vrml/linux geek from the days of way back.
I'm here in daytona beach, florida, usa... unfortunately:)
past online fun include synergy technology systems... writing vrml authoring 
circa 1998... worldwide films... first stab at global collaboration
spanning 5 continents making film with 3d studio max... second globally 
distributed project: internet societal task force
stretching across 160 countries
i'm a sculptor at heart, using found items, molten glass, shattered glass
and outright rubbish as a medium... i also write a bit of poetry
as soon as my server cluster is back online (soon, so soon:) my 1st poetry 
is on it
I live fairly underground... a) because it is more fun, and b) because free 
thinkers tend to get exploited in the commercial world
i look forward to jiving with all of you


Everyday I sit and watch the data flow by like a river in a canyon,
sometimes I toss in a rock or two and watch the beautiful 
concentric ripples expand, and other times I go fishing.

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