[-empyre-] intro... melinda as partcipant

i was a sculptor \installation \performance person wheni was seduced by the
in the mid 90's- immediately  i migrated all the stuff i did in hard space
to immerse myself in soft spaces.. making interactive net.art, and  was a
web designer for a while back then.

right now im crawling thru a phd on virtual media, where
ive authored a  multiuser VRML environment called empyrean, which is also a
offline video, and is supposedly being ported into fully immersive VR
environment (umm waiting for some code to be written).  im very stuck on
chapter 3 of my thesis, and perhpas i started this list to distract myself
from it.. ..:)

im interrested in identity and consciousness, the rhythms
and viscosity of the net, popular  physics, dark  matter, the sensous nature
of void
spaces, infections and immune systems, , i am a very bad speller,
i write about net stuff, talk at conferences, spend too much time setting up
spam filters, and
<gratuituous personal info> try to go swimming around  7 in the evenings in

mostly everything is formalised or available or archived at my domain  -

im sort of excited about empyre as well, great to see such diversity..

melinda rackham

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