[-empyre-] greetings

Hi there,

i am feeling like a voyeur, reading all the intros... must get implicated.
My name is Randy Lee Cutler. I am based in Vancouver, Canada.
I teach media related content at Emily Carr Institute of Art and design; I also curate, program (screenings), write and perform theory within the fissures of new/media and cultural criticism. I am interested in exploring the actual content of cyberculture as well as the figurations that it produces in lived experience. My relationship to networked culture is part hallucination, part fiction and part embodiment.

The last digest triggered all sorts of memories and desires: I performed an electronic seance in 2000, <Dial M for Zombie> so as to contact the dead. I might now be possessed. At present I am teaching a course called techNobodies that looks at cyborgs, the uncanny and experimentation.


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