[-empyre-] intro-hello

Hi, I am Christina, looking very much forward to lively discussions.  Always
working around the obsession with landscapes as layers of time, I moved
slowly through drawing and painting into digital soundscapes and prints, and
in the last year or so into net art and performance.  Moving back and forth
across analog and digital, I love the idea of the connections lacing screen
and offscreen, virtual and live, all the mixed realities. I am fascinated by
layers of memory.   As if the virtual topography of digital is permeating
the physical landscape like concrete music... My main site is at
<http://www.inscapes.com>.  I am working on a new project with digital
print/video,  performance and net art elements at <http://www.naxsmash.net).
Trying to figure out a way to integrate vrml inside a mac environment and
lace it into live performance.  Love the extended thought experiment of the
net as a subliminal or sublime phenomenon.  I live in California.

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