[-empyre-] admin drone

this is regular admin email

hello to those who have sent an intro to the list, as well as to the other
80% of the empyre iceberg lurking below water. this is a open list where
some of you are list vetrans, and some quiet new to the medium - a good mix
for dynamic interaction. The guest discussion will start on the evening of
15th January (Australian Eastern Time) which will be early  morning for
those of you in europe and north america, and continue for several weeks.

just a reminder to not send show announcements to the list, and to post from
the email address from which you originally subscribed.  there will be a new
version of the list management software available soon, which will mean
amongst other things, that  i will have more aesthetic control over the
(currently inconsistant) appearance of the web page interface.

and very importantly
- a huge thanx to Nigel Kirsten the fearless system administrator at COFA,
UNSW who keeps everying working smoothly, having just seamlessly
migrated the empyre list between machines.

Melinda Rackham

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