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> and very importantly
> - a huge thanx to Nigel Kirsten the fearless system administrator at COFA,
> UNSW who keeps everying working smoothly, having just seamlessly
> migrated the empyre list between machines.

Damn... Melinda was meant to let me get my intro out first... :)

I guess I don't really consider myself an artist in the sense that people on
this list seem to. I'm a musician, heavily involved in realtime apps like
Reaktor and Max/MSP, as well as more traditional soft/hard synths/machines.

A quick background would have to mention that I floated around at uni
between full and partime study, almost finishing an astrophysics degree,
then almost finishing a philosophy degree. Having been heavily into
computing since my Apple II/Spectrum days, and being utterly broke... I
drifted into computing, and seem to have found a niche working with artists,
primarily being the sysadmin here at CoFA.

I really enjoy working as a technical assistant on tech-art projects, esp
online stuff, with the most recent being Anna Munster's Wundernet project at

After June I'll be hunting around for something else interesting to sink my
teeth into...



N i g e l   K e r s t e n |  College of Fine Arts,
[Systems Administrator]   |  Uni.of.NSW.Sydney.Australia.    |  ph.9385 0672:fax.9385 0624

"It's like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder,
how I keep from going under" - Grandmaster Flash.

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