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Hello Gang,

Current Agenda...

Well, my name is marc garrett. I have not been able to interact with this
list or any other lists for that matter lately because I have been busy
editing my first album. It is Punk Electro album. The name that I have come
up with for the band, is 'Ouch! Those Monkeys' - if anyone has ever heard of
the group 'The Teardrop Explodes' out there, that's where I got the name
from. It was the title for one of their songs. And they got their name from
a 'Marvel' comic. It featured an Android crying, the whole page followed one
teardrop in cartoon sections as it fell from the duct of the Androids eye,
finally splashing onto the ground and the caption read 'The Teardrop

What I get up to creatively/emotionally/playfully...

I live in the United Kingdom. I have been creating Art in many different
(non branded) forms for about 18 years now. I am digital artist, a curator,
a street artist, a writer of prose, poetry and also more recently an
Internet critic of the Arts. I've run artistically creative pirate radio
stations, mini pirate television stations. In fact I am whatever I want to
be at the time - it depends where my ideas take me. I am also I suppose, an
anarchist, not one of those cliché types smashing things up and drinking
cider all day but one whom is actively challenging corporate and
institutional realms that dictate people's lives restricting liberation and
personal freedom in relation of human development and creative exploration.
I believe that re-evaluation of the self is of intrinsic importance if the
human race is to get out of the hole that it has dug it's self into.

I also run an independent arts web site called http://www.furtherfield.org
with my wife 'Ruth Catlow'. Who is also a practising artist, professional
violinist and active liberationist. We both teach Art, IT and more recently
(at last) have begun to earn money designing web sites for educational
organisations. A lot of the money that we earn go's towards funding
furtherfield, which there are many artists frequenting. We both believe that
Art does not (always) have to be taught and fund many people who have not
been allowed into colleges for whatever reason, usually due to dysfunctional
backgrounds and cannot get in because they cannot get loans, due to poor
parents etc. We also teach computer skills for free as they design their own
work. I am not a religious person but one of those individuals who was not
allowed into college due to similar reasons, therefore I have decided to
help others who come across similar issues in their own life.

Having said that, I am not anti - x college artists, so don't get all jumpy.
Hell, some of my best friends are from colleges (chortle), my wife for
instance. From an early age I got into Art, as an escape from the life that
I was living, escape from the school, the family, everything as a young
child. Then suddenly I began to read loads. I even bunked off school on a
regular basis to go to the library, you can't get more geeky than that. So I
suppose I am self taught. One thing that I do love as much as
Art/literature, is music, and sometimes even more...

I am active in many mailing lists, rhizome, syndicate and more. I suppose
you could call me one of the more controversial of participants, for I do
enjoy thinking and arguing about tough issues, but I do not treat people
with contempt, I am always respectful and not interested in misogynistic
circle jerking around issues - if  I am wrong and I know that I am wrong, I
admit it gracefully, as a new thing that I have just learnt. I believe in
being sincere as one possibly can at the time and will be here also.

I hope to contribute in a positive and playful way to this list and wish
learn new things that will change many of my presumptions. Judging by the
turnout of dudes here already, it seems that there many and varied people
from all walks of life. And all are keen for some constructive and
thoughtful reasoning to unfold, I am keen for such interaction also...

If you are interested in checking my stats -

Respect to all...

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