[-empyre-] hello

Hello everyone,

I'm an artist living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. [Hi Randy: never met you
yet, but know of you :)]
The web-project I am working on right now deals with translation, and I
have been previously consumed by thinking about archives.

Just taught a course this at ECIAD [Emily Carr Institute of Art &
design] about web projects that was offered mainly  on-line.  It was
eye-opening, in that the chat-room zone was both more complicated and
yet easier to manage than face-to-face discussions.  So much typing! 
And so hard to interpret silence (or rather lack of typing)  Got me
thinking about those little abbreviations thingamabobs [like :) and BTW
etc] and wondering how they could be improved upon.

Looking forward to these discussions and seeing how it unfolds.

Deanne Achong

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