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Greetings fellow correspondents & eye-spys

A quick hello to introduce myself before the Games
begin, rather than remain fetchingly anonymous (as
though empyre were a magazine). All in keeping with my
newly acquired  motto for 2002: 'There's more to life
than being cool, Susan' (Thankyou Sally Gray)

This is my first participation in a discussion list
from its very beginnings. Thanks to Melinda who has
obviously identified a wider yearning to take online
dialogue a step further.

My media background has evolved from community media
to filmmaking cooperatives, through metaphysical TV
productions to freelance arts journalism and onto
writing and editing texts for public museums, followed
by producing exhibitions and magazines.

My shift to 'new media arts' came via work on the
d>art 01 exhibition and screenings for dLux media
arts, followed by my role as Producer on
hybrid<life>forms: Australian new media art -- an
exhibition curated by Linda Wallace & Josephine Grieve
for Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst in Amsterdam
in 2001.

I have recently been appointed as Creative Producer,
Exhibition & Marketing Projects at State Records, the
NSW Government archives authority in Sydney, where I
was quoted as saying:

?Many artists already have a fascination and affection
for the concept of the archive. We plan to invite them
to creatively engage with our collection as well,
along with writers, performers, filmmakers,
broadcasters and other creative practitioners.?

Let the Games begin ...

Susan Charlton

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