Re: [-empyre-] superficiality and immersion

> is one in which space will be redefined (something that will go beyond
> simple navigationable 3d), one in which the bi-dimensionality of the
> word will be reinvented.

yes the biological aspect is interresting around
concepts of space.. ive been reading david bohm, a physicist who in the 70's
who looked at
how the same translated word in east /west cultures has almost opposite
meaning. eg void is a expansive fullness and  potential in the east,
whereas in the western tradition it is empty nothingness. the east/west
binary  still puts up the either/or position which im a bit nervous
about....but how do you practically get around it..

but back to your initial post - i was wondering in why you said
"We have tried repeatedly with Metal and Flesh (the website) but with
limited success. We have tried by integrating text to visual and musical
environments but our "pages" are still mainly text-oriented and text-based.
The main problem is our perspective"

is what you can design mostly limited (with a few exceptions) by what tools
are availabe to you in
terms of software and hardware..and delivery routes.? i remember years ago
in an interview steve dietz was talking about the "beyond interface"  show..
stating that artists used netsacape in
ways that teh programmers had never though of or intened it to be. but the
potential was (however in advertently )there.  there is also a cyburban myth
about a famous cdrom work that exploits a macromedia software
bugg which was only in one version of that software - and was fixed in the
next release, making that particular technique unavailable to future

but this still puts art site potential and web potential  in the hands of
happy accidents -
so do artists push the development of different tools to create different
spaces.. and/or do they use the gaps between to make new spaces out of ?
..its sort of like using the space between the data to put in more
data..(pardon my ignorance i dont
really know how that works) or the pushing into other dimensional spaces of
the universe that people like scifi author/programmer  greg egan write
or is it the artist job really to have a vision that then is created at soem
later point insome other context because of commercial intent.
also i was wondering if you could talk about the content of the metal /flesh
site as well, seing it features a lot of flash and vrml i must
admitt  too that i tend to look and listen to "art" rather than read the
texts online..

nice valera quote

> Varela : Organisms have to be understood as a mesh of virtual selves. I
> t have one identity, I have a bricolage of various identities. I have a
> cellular identity, I have an immune identity, I have a cognitive identity,
> have various identities that manifest in different modes of interaction.
> These are my various selves. (.) The idea was the result of suspecting
> biological cognition in general was not to be understood as a
> of the world out there but rather as an ongoing bringing-forth of a world,
> through the very process of living itself.

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