Re: [-empyre-] re: 'bidimensionality":net spaces beyond Cartesian axes

there is soemthing about bi-dimmensional text thats nagging at me..and ive
been refraining from posting to try and work it out.. but its still being

the thing i see everyone saying is that there is a huge gap betwwen what
"virtual reality" or electronically constructed space is and what we are
trying to envisage and utilise or push it into it potentiality,- which we
can't by definition -or education as david says, fully understand..(ahh i
remember having torturous circular discussions about whether the universe is
finite or not and so where does that "which isn't" come from)...
joseph 's concept of  "Viractual", patrick 's "dynamic
association mapping",  i have my version which is about organicly soft
tri-dimensional space,  and i was heartened to see a similarity with the
example of triple rendering and meaning of text  at the software level that
christina spoke about...

back to bi-dimensional text.. i know from a practical stand point that as a
designer that users wont read a lot of text on a design rule used
to be max four-six half lines on the right hand side per screen, as i take a
screen to be a moving object, rather than a static one to be pondered (i am
a twitchy clicker and assume everyone else is) .im wondering too ollivier
about the connection betwwen this concept and your bilinguality? i think
your first language is french, and notice you work in french predominantly,
and thinking about the biological shifts you were talking about in eastern
and western spacial modes, does it follows that you notice a difference for
example.. when "being" in virtual space of metal and flesh web site in
english version v's french version ?.

i agree you joseph as ive had VR spacial shifts and otherworldly transported
experiences sitting inside great architectural space, contemplating
incredible tiling, sculpture and marble patterning and craftsmanships. i
have felt like i was inside Kai's software, or a psychadelic photoshop
filter...the web for me is a an architectural space.., maybe
symbolically arranged data threads.. but it still has a soildity.

and while i see the perspective of patricks arguement that everything is
constructed on the basis of text or code..i can dissagre as well.. text is
just an arbitary way of making sense of the things we seem to need to make
sense of.. its like saying yes we as humans are all our genomes
sequence..constructed on the basis of a scripting language.. and its an
interresting metaphore that i use myself. in terms of makes us
(humans ) and them (computers) more equal..-their hardware seems to have
similar operating systems to us.. which is why i think net artists use
snippets of
code as part of thier jodi, entropy8zuper, me , mez, nn (and
associated entities), etc,to integrate the machine function, but theres an
irony about it as well, as it's a visual prompt, an image or symbol in
itself and not a fully functional code string...

i  wish i could comment on derrida.,  i still have a copy of "derrida
for beginners" on the desk in front of my laptop, but cant seem to read it
as  i find the cartoons way too scary!!!!..:)


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