Re: [-empyre-] Text, VR, sound, brainspace

yes what i liked most about Vigil of Planetary NetArt was the actual lack of
net art in it.. i think the virus is my favourite..

> actual technologies is a big part of that), but even in 3d sites, text is
> rarely used as part of the navigational space, as something above or
> normal text, as something that is not meant to be read but felt. Regular
> printed text is our cognitive prison.

i am reminded of Jeffrey Shaws work "ledgible city", which i guess most
people are familair with.. where one uses a bicycle in a gallery space to
naviagte around a projection of various real city blocks constructed of
super clunky 3d text is quiet old now but had that luvly feel of
multiple readings and navigations thru texts which were simulatneously
buildings,  prisions, poetry  etc.

i also remember from 'osmose' that computer code wast the bottom level of
the 7? (i forget) worlds and philosophy/poetry  at the top level of the
work.. there was a heirarchy or a buliding upon involved, which i guess was
intentional ..but for me separated the difference out as well..
 i think i actually like "ephemere" more.. as it s less immediately
"readable "..

btw do any canadians know why Derrick de Kerckhove in his book Connected
Intelligence refers to Char Davies as Charles Davies (p28). is there an
intriguing story about this?


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