[-empyre-] a newbie responds to Re: digital sublime (David Loughton)

Hi all, if I may de-lurk for a moment....

We had a posting from Christina McPhee, who discussed her EMOTIONAL REACTION
to a talk by Natalie Jeremijenko.  This was followed by a critique by David
Loughton, who did not find the CONTENT of the talk to be profound.  But let
us acknowledge the difference between text and oratory, or between prose and
song lyrics:  the latter exist as two parallel channels, one with the power
to inform, and one with the power to inspire. Each of the channels has a
logic unto itself. In fact, why do distant and disparate people connect
themselves via a listserv?  Are we reaching out for more content and ideas?
Yes -- but maybe for some inspiration too?  So let's not be too hard on the
EMOTION attached to the "digital sublime."

Neil Smalheiser     

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